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USB Type-C Series
Charging & Sync Cable
Car Charger
Adapter & Converter
Bluetooth Speaker System
Bluetooth Headset
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Smart Mini Microphone

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Mini Bluetooth Speaker | Palm Bluetooth Speaker | Power Bluetooth Speaker | Real Wood Bluetooth Speaker | Desktop Bluetooth Speaker | Wooden Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless charging Version | Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker | Soundmate | Wireless Charging Soundmate | B&W Bluetooth Speaker | Apple MFI Licensed (B&W Pro) | B&W Wireless Charging | Pocket Cable | Stereo 25 | Stereo 27 | Stereo 28 | Stereo 26 | Stereo 18 | Sport Stereo 30 | Mono 08 | Mono 01 | Sporty Stereo Pro | Mini Kala microphone | USB 3.1 Type C TO HDMI/F | USB 3.1 Type C TO VGA/F | USB 3.1 Type C TO DVI/F | USB 3.1 Type C TO MINIDP/F | USB 3.1 Type C TO DP/F | USB 3.1 Type C TO Sound Card | USB 3.1 Type C TO HDMI/DVI/VGA/DP | Multiport USB 3.1 type C to HDMI/DVI/VGA/DP+USB2.0*2 hub | USB 3.1 Type C TO Network Interface Card | Noodle USB Type-C Cable | USB Type-C Cable | USB Type-C to USB Female Cable | USB3.1 type C TO HDMI Converter(TPE) | USB3.1 type C TO VGA Converter Cable(TPE) | USB-C to HDMI Multiport | USB Type C TO SATA III Adapter Cable for Macbook Air | USB type C TO HDMI Multiport Converter | USB type C to HDMI Multiport(Aluminum Shell) | USB type C to VGA Multiport(Aluminum Shell) | USB Type-C to Network LAN Adapter&USB Hub | USB Type-C TO SD/TF Card Reader+USB Hub | Exclusive Connector USB Type-C Female to USB Plug | Micro USB 5P female to USB3.1 Type-C Adapter | Bluetooth Headset Power Bank(P1) | Mini Car Charger with USB Type-C (2 in 1) | Space Aluminum USB-C Car Charger | USB-C to USB-C Cable |

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Pray for Paris #ParisAttack | USB3.1 Type-C Adapters Aavailable | USB3.1 Type-C Adapters|New Arrival | Faced with challenge from Google engineer, OnePlus decide to improve their USB Type-C cables | USB 3.1 Type-C : The Next Evolution | What makes USB3.1 SuperSpeed+ technology so amazing? | ZOTAC launched Mini PC with USB Type-C | Century External HardDrive with USB3.1 Type-C | USB3.1 type C TO HDMI Converter Cable for Macbook Air 12 | USB3.1 Type-C to HDMI Multiport(TPE) Available | USB3.1 type C TO VGA Converter Cable (TPE)Available | Hotsale Wooden Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Alarm clock kit | 2016 will be the year of USB Type C and DisplayPort is along for the ride | Wireless Charging Wooden Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Kit | Apple MFI licensed Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Kit Available! | B&W Bluetooth Speaker with Clock Alarm Kit with Wireless Charging Function | Mini Car Charger with USB Type-C: USB Type-C will get your car convered | Asus ZenFone 3 confirmed to feature USB Type-C | Samsung Galaxy S7 will reportedly feature USB Type C | The First 4K USB Type-C Monitor was announced by Lenovo in CES 2016 | Power Bank Bluetooth Speaker with Flashlight for Outdoor | Dell is going to push USB Type-C to its entire product line up | ASUS First Portable USB Type-C Monitor Launched at CES 2016 | Arriva Thunderbolt 3 e il connettore è quello USB Type-C | VESA: USB Type-C can achieve full DisplayPort audio and video performance | American Smartphone launched VIVO 5 and VIVO XL with USB Type-C port | SanDisk Released New Mobile Flash Drive for USB Type-C Devices | Canadian Client Visited Grandefine Company and Placed An Order |